Magnetic Door Sensor

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Trigger content on a media player with the magnetic read sensor – can activate when brought together or when pulled apart. Designed to be used on doors, windows & drawers.

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Magnetic Sensor

The Magnetic Sensor is used to trigger content when used with a compatible media player. You can set the sensor to either trigger content when brought together, or trigger content when moved apart, allowing for various inventive applications.

Works with our SoundClip/VideoClip Players

Simply wire to a terminal as explained in the spec sheet (see downloads tab above) using the supplied cable. Connecting to ‘Normally Open’ will trigger content once the blocks come together. Connecting to ‘Normally Closed’ will activate content once the blocks move apart.

Connect to your own Device

If you wish to use the Magnetic Sensor with a third party device we suggest you contact the manufacturer to check compatibility before purchase.

Proximity / Wave Sensor

Proximity / Wave Sensor
  • Wall Mounted Proximity Sensor
  • ≤15° Induction Angle
  • VideoClip Compatible
  • SoundClip Compatible
  • Non-Functional with own device
  • Between 3-80cm Detection Distance
  • Normally Open

Small PIR Sensor

Small PIR Sensor
  • Small PIR Sensor 120 Degrees Side
  • 120°/10° Induction Angle
  • VideoClip Compatible
  • SoundClip Compatible
  • Period Telephone Compatible
  • Functional with own device
  • 7M/4M Detection Distance
  • Normally Open

Ceiling PIR Sensor

Ceiling PIR Sensor
  • PIR Ceiling, Surface Sensor
  • 120° Induction / 45° Tilt Angle
  • VideoClip Compatible
  • SoundClip Compatible
  • Functional with own device
  • 7M Detection Distance
  • Normally Open

Additional information

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions25 × 78 × 120 mm
Unit Dimensions

Terminal Screw Block: 15.4D x 55W x 12.2H
Magnet Block: 12.2D x 55W x 12.2H

Cable Length


Max Power

3W, Max Voltage: 30V, Max Current: 0.25A





Switch Type

N/O and N/C



Magnetic Sensor Spec Sheet

0.2MB – October 2019

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