Ceiling or Surface Mounted PIR Sensor

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Ceiling or Surface mounted PIR Sensor for use alongside a variety of our products. Note: Contact us to discuss compatibility of our PIR’s with your own devices.


Ceiling or Surface Mounted PIR Sensor

The Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) is an electronic device that measures infrared light radiating from objects within its field of view. PIRs can therefore be used to create motion activated audio or video displays when used alongside compatible media players.

Clever Motion Detection

Movement is detected when an infrared source with one temperature (such as a person) passes underneath/in front of an infrared source with a different temperature (such as a wall). When the PIR detects this movement it sends a signal to activate your audio or video player, such as the SoundClip and VideoClip-HD.

Easy to Install

The PIR sensor is mounted through a surface, simply pull back the clips and slot through your surface.

Built-in Tilt Mechanism

The PIR Sensor can be tilted to focus at a specific area if required.

SoundClip or Own Device

The small PIR has been developed specifically for use with our range of products in mind.

The PIR when used with a SoundClip is supplied with the required green terminal connections. This is also how the PIR will be supplied should you choose to use it with a device of your own.

Check with the manufacturer regarding compatibility and installation when using your own device.



When Purchased for use with a VideoClip, the PIR will be supplied with the required a 3.5mm Jack connection.

Additional information

Weight0.095 kg
Dimensions95 × 95 × 35 mm
Dimensions (Fully Tilted)

95L x 95W x 40H

Max Cable Length


Max Tilt Angle


Operating Voltage

5 – 24VDC

Operating Temperature

-20°C to + 50°C

Switch Type

Normally Open

Static Current

< 50μA

Output Current


Trigger Mode

Continuous Trigger

Induction Angle


Induction Way


Distance of Detection


Hole Cutout Size

ø 57mm



Small PIR Sensor Spec Sheet

0.08MB – Aug 2023

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