Sound Shower (stereo)

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Sound Shower – Stereo. Provide targeted audio to a specific location while avoiding excess audio bleed. Available in 20″ or 30″.


Sound Shower

The Sound Shower is a contained audio delivery system ideal for use within museums. The dual parabolic technology directs high targeted audio, oral histories, broadcast audio or special effects, to an exact spot or small area.

Sound Shower Installed Yorkshire Museum

Sound Shower Directional Audio Device Northumberland National Park

Key Features

  • Dispersion control technology provides a beautiful hot spot with clear stereo separation
  • PETG clear polymer dome for an attractive and minimal look
  • 1.0” convex aluminium dome micro transducers which deliver a targeted audio footprint for high-definition music and messaging applications
  • Accurate sound reproduction
  • Narrow 43º coverage angle for sharp focus
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms

Cuts down on Noise Pollution

blackbox-av has supplied Sound Showers to a wide range of organisations including museums, heritage sites, attractions, retail environments and corporate information points and kiosks. The ability to literally ‘shower’ a specific area with sound, while leaving everything outside that area in silence, makes it ideal for cutting down on noise pollution and presenting audio in a targeted manner.

Note: Directional Sound lacks bass frequency response, therefore it is not suitable for playing music.

Sound Shower Directional Audio Device Northumberland National Park

Sound Shower Directional Audio Device Northumberland National Park

Fitting Options and Accessories

The Sound Shower is generally fitted hanging from a ceiling. Multiple Sound Showers in the same location should be fitted 1.2 meters apart.

Can also be fitted to a wall mount that can hang the Sound Shower from an overhead angle. Amplifier and sensor fittings are also available.

Additional information

Weight9.3 kg
Dimensions781 × 781 × 333 mm

4.1 kg, Shipping weight 9.3kg

Frequency Response(-3 dB)

170 Hz – 22 kHz (300 Hz with high-pass filter)

Low Frequency(-10 dB)

130 Hz – 22 kHz (300 Hz with high-pass filter)


75.0 dB

Power Capacity RMS

15 W

Max SPL dB @ 1 M

87.0 dB

Nominal Impedance

8 ohm stereo, 4 ohm mono

Full-Range Drivers

2 x 25 mm (1 in) aluminum, high excursion


Four-conductor 16-gauge hardwire leads, CAT-V cable included for optional accessories

Transformer Options

Optional transformer: 25/70.7/100 V with 8 Ohm direct


Sound Shower Downloads

30″ Sound Shower Info Sheet

1.2MB – May 2018

20″ Sound Shower Info Sheet

0.3MB – Feb 2024

Accessory Downloads

Motion Sensor Info Sheet

0.3MB – Feb 2024

Amplifier Info Sheet

0.02MB – Feb 2024


Wall Mount Line Drawings

0.2MB – Feb 2024

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