Single Cup Armoured Cable Headphones with magnetic hanger

Single Cup Headphones – Standard / AutoPlay


Single Cup Armour Cable Headphones with Standard or AutoPlay functionality – (AutoPlay = content can be triggered when handset is removed from the included magnetic hanger).

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Fantastic Sound Quality

These reliable, vandal resistant single cup armour cable headphones are suitable for any application within the public domain and are a perfect, lightweight alternative to traditional aluminium and plastic handsets. The included magnetic hanger allows for safe and stylish storage when not in use. The audio cable is protected by a larger 1.2m steel armoured conduit cable and are fitted with a unique 90° swivel knuckle to secure the end of the cable in place. We also offer an optional Knuckle mounting plate or Teardrop mounting plate for increased durability at the fitting point.

Standard or AutoPlay Version

There are two versions of the Single Cup Headphones, ‘Standard’ or ‘Autoplay’. Standard operates like any other headphone – place it to your ear and listen to the audio file that is playing.

The AutoPlay version incorporates an Auto-Trigger function, this activates the audio content to play when the handset is removed from it’s magnetic hanger. Requires compatible device, we recommend our SoundClip range.

3.5mm Jack

Simply connect the single cup headphone to your audio playback device using the 3.5mm jack. If you are in need of an audio device we recommend a SoundClip which contains an on-board amplifier and can output to 2 single cup headphones.

The hanger utilises magnets to hold the headphone in place, allowing easy access for users.

Magnetic Hanger

The magnetic hanger offers an elegant and simple-to-use storage solution. We have optimised the magnetic pull force so that it is easy to remove with minimum effort, and equally straightforward to replace. This makes our Single Cup Headphones ideal for children or adults.

Unique 90° Swivel Knuckle

The audio cable is protected by a larger 1.2m steel braided cable and are fitted with a unique 90° swivel knuckle to secure the end of the cable in place. We also offer an optional Teardrop Mounting Plate for increased durability at the fitting point as well as a Knuckle Mounting Plate if you wish to install the knuckle elsewhere.

Sound quality from this single closed cup headphone is excellent.



Optional Mounting Plates

For an additional price, we offer two different optional mounting plates. These mounting plates provide increased durability at the fitting point. Both plates being very easy to install on site.

The Teardrop option incorporates both the magnetic hanger and Swivel Knuckle. Whilst the Knuckle Mounting Plate is for the Swivel Knuckle only.

Fitting Options

The units are very easy to fit on site and are particularly well suited for applications in museums, attractions, retail and other high usage environments. Using the 90° swivel knuckle you fit the headphones through a panel. The optional Teardrop faceplate allows you to combine the Magnetic Hanger and 90° knuckle into a single tidy installation point.


  • Standard / AutoPlay Version
  • With Teardrop Mounting Plate
  • With Knuckle Mounting Plate
  • Without Mounting Plate

Additional information

Weight 0.33 kg
Dimensions 50 × 95 × 95 mm

100 Ohms

Nominal Impedance


Frequency Response

16 – 21.000 Hz

Sound Pressure Level

96dB (1mW / 1kHz)

Armoured Cable Length

1.2m (1.3m fully extended) armoured cable plus 600mm additional audio cable from knuckle to jack.

External Noise Isolation

appr. 22 dBA

Plug Type

3.5mm Jack



Standard Single Cup Headphone

0.5MB – November 2018

AutoPlay Single Cup Manual

0.5MB – November 2018


Single Cup Headphone Drawings

0.07MB – February 2016

Teardrop Mounting Plate Line Drawings

0.02MB – October 2016

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