Knuckle Mounting Plate

£5.50 excl. vat

Stainless steel plate for increased durability of knuckle connection on the MKII Headphones, Single Cup Headphones and Heavy Duty Handsets


90 Degree Swivel Knuckle

Knuckle Mounting Plate

A Stainless Steel Plate that can be fitted between our 90° headphone Knuckle and the wall or surface you want the cable to fit through.


Will last a Lifetime

They increase the strength and robustness of the connection point while providing a tidier aesthetic. Ensuring your Armoured Cable Headphones will last a lifetime.

Armoured Cable Headphone Knuckle Mounting Plate

Mark II Armoured Cable Headphones

MkII Armoured Cable Headphones

Our ACC headphones are reliable, vandal resistant and suitable for any application within the public domain, thanks to the audio cable being protected inside a larger steel braided cable.

Single Cup Armoured Cable Headphones with magnetic hanger

Single Cup Armour Headphones

These reliable, vandal resistant single cup armour cable headphones are suitable for any application within the public domain and are a perfect, lightweight alternative to traditional aluminium and plastic handsets.

HeavyDutyHandset Black PVC Moulded Cable

Plastic Handset

The Plastic Audio Handset is made from tough ABS plastic and features an audio cable fed through an armoured core and PVC mould, meaning the handset not only looks great, but can also stand up to the rigours of public use.

Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions2 × 50 × 50 mm



Knuckle Mounting Plate Line Drawing

0.03MB – Jan 2012

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