Heavy Duty Handset

Our most robust and flexible handset yet!
Optional Custom Branding Labels,
Autoplay or Standard versions,
Black or Silver styling

U-Turn Round

Our hugely popular Wind-up powered
outdoor audio point.

MKII Headphones

Our MKII Headphones are
ideal for public use. Available as
Standard or AutoPlay

Lightbox 3

Our incredibly flexible software suite allows
you to create exciting, easily managed
interactive experiences


Our easy to use solid state video player
– looping or button activated content


Our range of solid state audio player
– looping or button activated content

Everything you need in one place
Welcome to The Interpretation Shop, the online store of well known blackbox-av. Here you’ll find everything you could possibly need to create exciting and informative visitor experiences. All of our products are designed specifically to provide robust performance and value in the public environment.

View our portfolio site blackboxav.co.uk to see our products in action, as well as bespoke projects and large scale installation works.