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Lightbox 3


Create exciting exhibits from your audio and visual content with our touch screen media browsing software.

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Flexible Software

Lightbox 3 is our third generation media browser, boasting increased functionality and flexibility on the previous Lightbox 3. It is an incredibly flexible software package that allows you to build, manage and edit your multi-media interactives without requiring any particular technical or programming skills. Put together highly engaging, elegant and beautiful presentations for visitors to explore.

Lightbox 3 Software - Space Theme

Beautiful Multi-media Presentations

Using your own content you can put together informative, engaging and user friendly interactive experiences. Share images, audio or video content all with accompanying text. You can achieve professional results without any technical ability required.

Easy to use management interface

The backend management interface is incredibly simple to use and very user friendly, the ability to easily and quickly add / edit content puts you in full control of your multi-touch interactive.

Lightbox 3 Software - Back End

Key Features

  • Incredibly flexible design options
  • Easy to use management interface
  • Professional results without any technical ability required
  • A single package with both management and front end in one
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Background caching
  • Import / Export (archive) library

What does it run on?

The software runs locally on a PC (see PC specifications in additional info tab). Content can be exported and imported to additional viewers of Lightbox allowing you to manage your content on a single screen and then transfer this to others.


Lightbox software includes the manager and one viewer license, this allows you to create an interactive exhibit for use on a single screen, to display your interactive on additional screens you will need additional viewers licenses for each – there is a discount for additional viewers.


Watch the video above for a brief introduction to Lightbox 3 then download and explore the software using the links below;

Additional information

System Requirements

R – Recommended / M = Minimum

Operating System

R/M: Microsoft Windows 7 / 10

Input Type

R: Multi Touch Monitor M: Single Touch Monitor


R: Intel Core i5 or above M: Intel Core i3


R: 4GB M: 2GB


R/M: NVIDIA GeForce, NVIDIA Quadro, NVIDIA ION M: Intel 4-Series chipset family, Core i3/i5/i7 processor family with Intel HD Graphics


R/M: 1GB free, plus size of content library (LB3 installation file is less than 100mb)

Filetypes: Images

jpg/jpeg, png

Filetype: Audio


Filetype: Video

mp4 – h.264 format, m4v – h.264 format, mov – h.264 format, flv, f4v



Lightbox 3 User Manual v1.3

3.8mb – May 9 2018

Lightbox 3 Demo Quick Installation Manual

0.5mb – May 10 2018

Demo Installation Files

LB3 Demo installation file

~180mb – July 19 2018

LB3 Demo archive content (unzip before import)

411mb – Feb 9 2018

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