Lightbox 3 – Multi-App Package

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Lightbox 3 is our multi-purpose off-the-shelf interactive touchscreen software package with a choice of applications that lets you educate and entertain visitors. Pick and mix which applications you want below.

A unique licence is required per viewer (screen) – select which applications you want per screen and hit ‘add to basket’. If you have 1 touchscreen then do this once,  for 2 touchscreens do this twice… and so on!

Contact us if you’d like us to develop your interactive for you.

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Puzzle touchscreen software lightbox 3


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What is Lightbox 3?

Lightbox 3 is our multi-purpose off-the-shelf interactive software package, with this powerful system you’re able to create exciting touchscreen exhibits from your own audio and visual content. Develop educational and engaging visitor journeys utilising the various Lightbox 3 applications, mix and match which apps you want then get to work! Lightbox 3 is supplied with a lifetime licence and ongoing support.

Check out the available apps below!


Educate and engage visitors with the Collections app. Take your multi-media content and put together a touch-screen experience designed specifically for your visitors and to your unique branding requirements.

Complete with slideshow attractor screen, home menus / sub menus and completely customisable collection screens, there’s no limit on what you can share.

The user friendly manager allows you to take charge of your own interactive with easy updating of content whenever its required.

Key Features

  • Unlimited amount of content
  • Beautiful multi-media presentations
  • Easily created menu/home pages and attractor screen
  • Take control of your own interactive
  • Incredibly flexible design options
  • Easy to use management interface
  • No programming ability required
  • Multi-lingual support



Sub Category

WWII In the Air

WWII on the sea

Attractor Screen



Engage younger (and possibly older!) visitors with this fun interactive Puzzle application. Take any image and turn it into a puzzle with various difficulty options, Lightbox 3 does all the hard work for you.

Trigger interesting facts upon completion of each puzzle, present multiple puzzles and brand the whole thing to your specific requirements thanks to the many customisation options available.

Key Features

  • 5 difficulty levels
  • Uses any image
  • Present multiple puzzles sequentially
  • Easily customised
  • Optional hint / solve
  • Attractor Screen
  • Home / menu screen
  • Trigger additional information upon successful completion of each puzzle

Space puzzle

Space completed

All space puzzles completed

Spitfire Puzzle

Spitfire initial completed

Spitfire fully completed

Home Screen



Get your visitors thinking with Memory. Engage visitors in a fun and interactive manner, improving upon the perhaps otherwise linear experience of standard interpretation.

Memory takes a number of images and turns them into a fun find-a-pair game. There’s also the option to trigger additional information upon the successful matching of a pair, as well as at the end of a game. Allowing Memory to be a fun learning experience.

Key Features

  • Choose how many pairs to be matched
  • Set multiple levels
  • Fully customisable
  • Use your own images
  • Optional additional information when pair is found
  • End game info
  • No programming ability required
  • Multi-lingual support

Memory Game

Memory game some solved harder

Memory game harder

Memory game successful pair

Memory game space

Memory game space harder

Memory game space end screen

Memory game home screen



Put visitors to the test with Quiz. Create multiple choice touchscreen quizzes boasting custom completion screens as well as optional further information upon the answering of questions.

Educate and entertain with the fully customisable Quiz app, complete with attractor and menu screens.

Program 50 questions and set a limited number to be asked at random each time, creating a fresh experience for every user.

Key Features

  • Custom ‘result’ brackets
  • Add up to 50 questions to pool
  • Set how many are asked from pool each time
  • Random or sequential question order
  • Trigger further information when questions are answered
  • Incredibly flexible design options
  • Easy to use management interface
  • No programming ability required
  • Multi-lingual support



Wrong Answer




Additional information

System Requirements

R – Recommended / M = Minimum

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 7/10

Input Type

R: Multi Touch Monitor / M: Single Touch Monitor


R: Intel Core i5 or above / M: Intel Core i3


R: 8GB / M: 4GB


NVIDIA GeForce, NVIDIA Quadro, NVIDIA ION M: Intel 4-Series chipset family, Core i3/i5/i7 processor family with Intel HD Graphics


1GB free, plus size of content library (LB3 installation file is less than 100mb)

Filetype: Images

jpg/jpeg, png

Filetype: Audio


Filetype: Video

mp4 – h.264 format, m4v – h.264 format, mov – h.264 format, flv, f4v

Downloads / Tutorials


Lightbox 3 User Manual v1.3

3.8MB – May 9 2018

Lightbox 3 Demo Quick Installation Manual

0.5MB – May 10 2018

Demo Installation Files

LB3 Demo installation file

202MB – Nov 2018

LB3 Demo archive content (unzip before import)

590MB – Nov 2018

Install / Import / Uninstall

Menu and Attractor


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