Outdoor Touchscreen Display

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The Outdoor Touchscreen is perfect for displaying touchscreen interactives in outdoor or unfavorable environments. Choose between the standard Android OS – a Windows PC upgrade or subscribe to the unique web based CMS to put together your content. Optional Speakers with 43-65″ versions.

A Mediascreen version is available here.


PCAP Touchscreen

The Outdoor Touchscreen is designed specifically for performance in uncompromising conditions – with Android OS built-in you can utilise any compatible Android application, or upgrade to include a PC for Windows based apps.  There’s also the option of a subscripton to a unique web-based CMS platform that allows you to create your own simple interactive touchscreen experience and publish this to the screen remotely.

Utilising PCAP touch technology the screen ensures reliability throughout extended use.

Landscape or Portrait

The Outdoor Touchscreen can be mounted in either landscape or portrait orientation via an included mounting bracket.

Ultra High Brightness

Using Ultra High Brightness panels (2500cd/m²) more than 8 times brighter than a standard LCD panel and with anti-reflective glass, the unit is easily viewed in direct sunlight.

Weatherproof – IP65 Rating

With an IP65 rating, the Outdoor Touchscreen is built to withstand all wet weather and dusty conditions. A waterproof coating is placed on all internal circuit boards and AV connectors, ensuring no damage can be caused.​

Smart Temperature Control System

Using an advanced Air-Conditioning system, the unit manages internal temperatures to ensure a maximum lifespan, allowing it to operate in a wide array of climates.

Vandal Resistant

The outer casing is IK10 rated, made from mild steel and thermally toughened glass. Controls and openings are also locked and inaccessible to users.

Android Option

The Outdoor Touchscreen can be purchased as standard with the Android OS, allowing you to use any compatible Android applications. Please check compatibility with us before purchase.

Remote CMS Option

The Remote CMS upgrade provides you access to a web-based management system, this allows you to not only put together simple interactives using your own content, but also publish this interactive remotely via LAN or Wifi. (Internet connection required).

PC Option

To use Windows based applications we offer a PC option – with this upgrade a powerful i7 BBPC is stored within a secure compartment and allows you to run any compatible Windows applications – such as our very own Lightbox 3.

Lightbox 3 (purchase separately)

Lightbox 3 is our hugely flexible software package. With a selection of applications to choose from including Collections, Hotspot, Quiz, Memory, Puzzle and many more – with this powerful system you’re able to create exciting touchscreen exhibits from your own audio and visual content.

Develop educational and engaging visitor journeys utilising the various applications, mix and match which apps you want then get to work with the incredibly user friendly Content Management System. Discover more about Lightbox 3.

Additional information

Unit Weight

22": 20.05Kg 32": 36.2Kg 43": 58.75Kg 49": 80Kg 55": 75Kg 65": 95Kg

Unit Dimensions (LxWxH)

22": 120x397x736mm 32": 130x516x1041mm 43": 140x670x1410mm 49": 140x746x1500mm 55": 140x817x1638mm 65": 140x990x1910mm


22-55": 1920×1080
65": 3840×2160


22": 2000cd/m²
32-65": 2500cd/m²

Viewing Angle


Contrast Ratio


Touch Technology

Projected Capacitive

Touch Points


Glass Hardness

7H Minimum

AV Signal Inputs


Input Voltage

AC110~240V (50Hz~60Hz)

Operating Temperature

-20°C to 50°C

Supported Media Formats

Video: MPG, AVI, MP4, RM, RMVB, TS
Audio: MP3, WMA


USB – 2 x USB 2.0 Ports

Internal Memory



Quad-Core Cortex-A9 @1.6GHz


Mali-400 MP4 @600MHz






10/100M Ethernet (with the Remote CMS Upgrade)


802.11b/g/n (with the Remote CMS Upgrade)


Android 4.2.2


2 x 5W (optional)



Outdoor Touchscreen Spec Sheet

0.2MB – July 2020


22″ Outdoor Mediascreen Technical Drawings

0.1MB – July 2020

32″ Outdoor Mediascreen Technical Drawings

0.1MB – July 2020

43″ Outdoor Mediascreen Technical Drawings

0.1MB – July 2020

49″ Outdoor Mediascreen Technical Drawings

0.1MB – July 2020

55″ Outdoor Mediascreen Technical Drawings

0.1MB – July 2020

65″ Outdoor Mediascreen Technical Drawings

0.3MB – July 2020

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