Side view of 42 Inch Modern Free Standing Kiosk

Modern 42″ Free-Standing Multi-Touch Kiosk


42″ Interactive Free Standing Multi-Touch Kiosk.




Free Standing Multi-Touch Kiosks from blackbox-av combine uncompromising technical performance with outstanding design, elegance and style to provide stand-alone, finger controlled, multi touch interactivity and information to visitors on demand. This is the 42″ ‘Modern’ version in our Free-Standing Range.

Side view of 42 Inch Modern Free Standing Kiosk

MultiTouch Screen

Multi-touch Technology

By combining precision touchscreen technology within a professional-grade large format LCD panel this kiosk is ideal for use in high traffic public access environments. Utilising Capacitive touch technology to ensure reliability throughout extended use, the large format screen supports up to 10 touches and gesture controls.

i5 Cpu multitouch table

Powerful Computer

The inbuilt i5 PC with solid state hard-drive is more than powerful enough to handle practically any public facing software you may wish to utilise (we recommend our own package Lightbox 3)



With a crystal clear screen and inbuilt speakers, our modern kiosk range is ideal for multi-media interactives. Educate and engage users with vibrant games, video and audio.

Windows OS

You can buy the Kiosk as a stand alone unit and use the on-board computer and 32″ multi-touch screen with any compatible software of your choice, or you can choose to purchase it along with our Lightbox 3 software which has been specifically designed for museum and heritage application, and takes full advantage of multi-touch screen technology.

Lightbox 3

(must be bought seperately) Each unit enables visitors to access video, audio, graphical and textual information in a quick, easy and comprehensive manner and can be installed in both temporary and permanent settings, they are often found in exhibitions, company receptions, foyers, information points and many other business locations.

This PC based Free Standing Multi-Touch Kiosk provides the widest range of information delivery and multi-media interactivity possible, seamlessly and reliably, time and time again. Lightbox 3 can be bought here.

Lightbox 3 Software - Space Theme

Bespoke options?

We offer the 42″ Free-Standing kiosk in white as standard, however should you want a different colour  discuss any other options don’t hesitate to contact us at or on 44 (0)1639 874 100.

Angled View of 42 Inch Modern Free Standing Kiosk

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 540 × 1000 × 1300 mm

Powder Coated Steel – White Gloss

Screen Size / Res

42" with High Definition 1920 x 1080 Resolution

Operating System

Windows 10 64bit


Intel Core i5 @ 3.30Ghz


Onboard Intel HD 5000




120GB SSD (Partitioned between 70/50GB)


2 x 3w through panel speakers located on the underside


Integrated Lan, Wireless Lan

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