Lightbox Lite

£450.00 excl. vat

Lightbox Lite allows you to create engaging interactives for use on our Android tablets. Share multimedia through ‘Galleries’, engage visitors with a ‘Quiz’ and gather comments via ‘Feedback’. All managed via the easy to use Windows compatible CMS (Content Management System). 1 lifetime license per tablet is required.

Developed to work alongside our 10″ POS Android Tablet or 15″ POS Android Tablet

Please contact us if you’d like us to work with you in developing your interactives.


What is Lightbox Lite?

Lightbox Lite is our off-the-shelf software package developed specifically for Android tablets. It allows you to build your own exciting touchscreen interactives using the Windows based management software.Use your own media content to create educational and engaging visitors journeys. 

Lightbox Lite is supplied with a lifetime licence and ongoing support.




Collections Standard

Collections Fullscreen

Collections Justified


Educate and Engage visitors with ‘Galleries’. Display categories (and sub-categories) of multi-media content with 3 layout options;

  • Standard
  • Justified
  • Fullscreen

Complete with a slideshow attractor screen and home menus that allow users to access the ‘Galleries’, ‘Quiz’ or ‘Feedback’ (each optional). 

Supported Media

Lightbox Lite supports images, audio, video and PDF’s alongside text descriptions. 




Space Theme



Flexible Design Options

Brand the interactive to your requirements with various design options. Including;

  • Custom background
  • Fonts
  • Custom Icons
  • Text Colours
  • Text sizes

Multi-Lingual Options

Lightbox Lite supports multiple languages on the front-end. Visitors simply select which language to view from the available dropdown. You can have completely different content displayed across each language option. 

Language Drop Down

Multi Lingual

Quiz Standard

Quiz Answer Screen

Quiz End Screen

Quiz Space


‘Quiz’ allows you to create a simple multiple-choice questionnaire to test visitors knowledge. Set the questions, associated image, up to 4 answers for each as well as a customised results screen depending on the percentage of correct answers.

Visitor Feedback

Gather visitor comments with ‘Feedback’. This area of the application allows you to ask some simple multiple-choice questions as well as harvest visitor emails and more specific comments. 

All stored on the device internally for access via USB when required. 

Feedback Standard

Feedback Space

Feedback Standard

Feedback Space

Feedback Space

Feedback Space

Feedback Space

Creating your Interactive

Create your entire interactive through the easy to use Lightbox Lite Content Management System. Install on a Windows device, import your content, and export onto an Android Tablet.

Displaying your Interactive

Lightbox Lite requires an Android Tablet to display content. Content is simply uploaded via USB. We only support LBL on our own Android tablets due to the custom ability to disable the notification bar, Android menu and specific version of Android OS. Check out our:

Additional information

System Requirements

R – Recommended


R – RK3399 2Ghz, GPU Mali-T864 GPU

Internal Storage

R – 16GB


R – RAM 2GB Dual-channel LPDDR4


R – Touchscreen 10-Point Capacitive Touch

Supported Media Formats

.MP3, .MP4, jpg/jpeg, png

Supported Operating Systems

Android 7.1 (Nougat) / Android 8.1 Oreo & Windows 10 pro (for use with the Lightbox Manager)


Client Showcase

Here are some examples of how Lightbox Lite has been used in creative ways for previous projects. Some clients did it all themselves, whilst others opted for our population and customisation service.

The Hold

Y Gaer Museum, Art Gallery & Library

Durham University

Hengwrt Heritage Centre

Downloads / Tutorials


Lightbox Lite Manual

1.7MB – July 2022

Installing, Importing/Creating a Project and Uninstalling

Adding Content to Galleries

Adding Lanuages & Customising the UI, Attractor & Menu

Using an Emulator to Test your Content

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