TS Video Loop

£15.00 excl. vat

Turn a Windows powered touchscreen into a looping video display using the TS Video Loop App.


Video On Continuous Loop

Disable touch interaction but still put your touchscreen interactives to use with TS Video Loop. This app allows you to lock out your touchscreens and set a single video on continuous loop.

Touchscreen Video Loop Application

Touchscreen Video Loop Auto Startup

Auto Start-up

Upon powering up your screen, the Video Looper will automatically launch and begin playing the selected video file. 


To set-up TS Video Loop run the .exe, select the video you want to display and the app does the rest. Whenever the touchscreen reboots it will re-launch into TS Video Loop. 

Touchscreen Video Loop Application Easy of Use



TS Video Loop Quick Installation Manual

0.1MB – February 2021

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