22″ AV Point – Modern

£1,200.00£1,960.00 excl. vat

The Modern 22″ AV Point is designed to present HD video and audio in an all-in-one rugged yet sleek steel enclosure. Supplied with a choice of speakers, handsets and mounts.

Please contact us immediately upon order to confirm how many buttons you require and what button panel style you want (Silver with black buttons or Black with silver buttons). Or include this in the available text box during checkout.



For Audio and/or Video 

Designed for use as an Audio or Video display, the Modern AV Point is the ideal way to share your chosen media with visitors. Built into a solid powder coated steel frame, the Modern AV point not only looks great, but is incredibly rugged.

22 Inch AV Point with Stand Right Angle


Take full advantage of the High Definition 22″ display for videos.

Use the looping holding screen to create a menu and assign videos to each button allowing visitors to choose what to watch in full high definition clarity.



Again create a tracklist using the holding screen. By default when audio plays the screen will display an equaliser effect. 

Better yet we recommend you create a simple video file from your audio with a still image or even slideshow embedded to take further advantage of the screen.

22 Desktop AV Point with Hearing Loop - Modern ©Josh Matthews

Up to 10 Items

The unit can support up to 10 clips (1 per button) with a dedicated volume up and down. If you’d like a different button configuration please contact us.

Easily Updatable

All content is updated via a USB stick which is accessed by a secure panel on the top of the unit. Changing between content is quick and easy, simply plug ‘n’ play!

Mounting Options

You can purchase the 22″ AV Point…

Wall Mounted 22 Modern AV Point with HDH HL and 6 Button Connections

With Wall Mount

Secure the AV Point to a wall or vertical surface with the Wall Mount option.

22" Desktop AV Point - Modern Heavy Duty Handsets

With Desktop Mount

Mount the unit to a table or other flat surface with this option.

22 Inch AV Point with Stand

With Stand

Choose the ‘Stand’ option to utilise your AV Point as a kiosk with weighted base for portability.

Heavy Duty Handsets or Speakers

You have the choice of Handsets or Speakers. Our Heavy Duty Handsets are tidily stored away via their unique magnetic hangers when not in use and are recommended should you wish to keep audio bleed to a minimum.

Custom Branding Labels

Want to add a logo, instructions or just some colour to your Heavy Duty Handset? Well you can thanks to the optional Customised Branding Labels. Choose this option at checkout, simply send us your artwork or logo and we’ll supply your handset(s) with a label attached plus spares.

Hearing Loop Version

We offer a Hearing Loop version of the Heavy Duty Handset which provides the same high quality audio as the standard HDH but with included T-Coil technology, making it compatible with hearing aids. This version comes with a branding label as standard, depicting the universal T-Coil symbol.

Select this option during checkout and somebody will be in touch to discuss your label requirements after purchase.


Hearing Loop Heavy Duty Handset Black Label Hand Model

Additional information

Weight15 kg
Dimensions635 × 51.50 × 550 mm

Power-coated Steel

Message Storage Medium


Message Encoding Format

.MP3, .MP4 or .JPG


100-240V 50/60Hz

Power Consumption




22″ AV Point – Modern Manual

1MB – Sep 2023 V1.3

22″ Modern AV Point – Wall Mounted Spec Sheet

0.2MB – Feb 2022 V1.2


22″ Modern AV Point – Desktop Spec Sheet

0.2MB – Feb 2022 V1.2

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