10 Inch Open Frame Video Screen to Scale

HD 10″ Open Frame Video Screen & Media Player


10″ Open Frame HD Video Screen with inbuilt player, easily mounted via Vesa or wing mounts. Can play button activated content via 10 buttons and 2 user volume buttons.




The 10″ Open Frame Video Screen (10VS) is an all in one media player and screen. It’s used to display video, images and audio in a small compact manner.

Easily to Programme, Easy to Install

It can play content in a looping fashion or be programmed for push button activation (up to 10 activation and 2 volume). Media files are played from an SDHC Card (card included with test content preloaded) or USB with buttons configured via naming of content in a specific way.

Mountable Speakers

The 10VS comes with mountable speakers attached in the rear of the case. The open frame design allows it to be easily mounted within signage or other such installations.

Key Features

  • 1080p Video Player built in
  • Open Frame with fixing wings and VESA mount for easy mounting
  • Plays video, images or audio in any combination
  • Looping or 10 button activated & 2 button volume
  • Dedicated volume inputs (can allow users volume control)
  • Supplied with a protective Acrylic 3mm screen protector


The 10VS is supplied with button connection cables however no buttons. If order with buttons we will pre-fit them before shipping.


The 10VS can output to the included speakers, or if you would rather use headphones, please choose 3.5mm Out in the purchase options. As standard the 10VS will output to both speakers and headphones at the same time, which means disabling the speakers is necessary if you wish to output to only headphones.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 240 × 290 × 83 mm
Fixing Options

Fixing Wings, 45 x 75mm Vesa

Button Inputs

10 Content Activation 2 Volume Control

Storage Medium

USB (8GB USB Supplied)

Playable Format

Video: MPEG1, MPEG2, AVI, Audio: MP2, MP3, PCM (.wav) AC3 WMA, Images: JPG

Video Resolution

1920 x 1080 Full HD

Output Type

Internal Speakers, 3.5mm Audio Out



10VS Manual

0.4MB – March 2019


10VS CAD Drawings

0.04MB – Oct 2017

10 Inch Open Frame Drawings

0.08MB – June 2018

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