VideoClip HD8 Sync Controller

£125.00 excl. vat

The Sync Controller enables you to synchronise playback of up to 26 VideoClip HD8 media players. It is powered and programmed via Micro-USB.

Let us know how many VCHD8’s you need to sync so we can supply the required cabling and outputs.

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Create a looping multi-screen video presentation

The Sync Controller chains together multiple VideoClip HD8 media players (sold separately) to loop content across multiple screens at the same time, avoiding drift while content loops throughout the day.

Sync Controller connected to two VideoClip devices angle
VideoClip Sync Controller front angled Micro USB

Sync up to 26 VideoClip HD8’s

With the Sync controller, VideoClip HD8’s and clever content creation you can build a multi-screen video presentation across up to 26 displays that will loop endlessly throughout the day without any drift in content timings.

Let us know how many VCHD8’s you wish to sync and we’ll supply the Sync Controller with the required outputs and cabling lengths.

Additional information

Weight0.0181 kg
Dimensions55 × 42 × 8 mm
Power Supply

5V Micro-USB

Power Consumption

Idle – 9.58mA
Active – 10.75mA



VideoClip Sync Controller Spec Sheet

0.2MB – May 2024

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