Amusement Buttons

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Indoor Amusement Push Buttons, available in Red, Green, and White



Stylish and Reliable

Add a splash of colour to your installation with illuminated amusement buttons. Available in Red, Green and White.

Amusement Buttons

High and Low Profile Amusement Buttons

Flexible Fixing Options

Easily fixed into place these buttons are supplied with a removable high profile fixing allowing for a low profile flush fit.

Bulb Options

We offer two bulb variations with the Amusement Buttons;

Incandescent Bulb Option Amusement Button
Fitted Bulb on Amusement Button
LED Bulb Option Amusement Button


As standard the button comes with a 12V 2.4W incandescent bulb, providing approximately 1000 hours of light.


We also offer LED’s which are more efficient than incandescent bulbs, providing typically 20,000-30,000 hours of light at 12V 0.24W.

SoundClip Configuration

When used with a SoundClip 8L the inbuilt lighting controller can be programmed to determine when each button is illuminated. For the other SoundClip models each button can be connected to the single lighting output and will be illuminated at all times (Note: we will need to fit a resistor for such operation, contact us for more information).


VideoClip HD6 Video Player

VideoClip Configuration

When used with our VideoClip range the illuminated buttons will remain on when waiting to be triggered, once triggered only the button currently playing content stays on. Buttons programmed to allow users volume control will remain constantly on no matter what.

Additional information

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions45.50 × 45.50 × 66.02 mm

White, Green, Red

Bulb Power Consumption

Incandecent: 12V, 2.4W, LED: 12V, 0.24W



Max. Switch Rating

16A 250VAC

Contact Resistance

100mΩ Max

Insulation Resistance

500VDC, 100MΩ Min

Dielectric Strength

500VAC, 1 Minute

Operating Temperature

-25°C ~ +85°C

Mechanical Life

1,000,000 Cycles

Electrical Life

50,000 Cycles



Amusement Button Spec Sheet

0.2MB – April 2021

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