Desktop Heavy Duty Handset

£195.00£354.99 excl. vat

The Desktop Mounted version of our premium Heavy Duty Handset. Easily mounted to a tabletop surface with automatic weighted cable retraction. Available as standard, with an Angled Mount, or with AutoPlay functionality & Silver conduit.


Desktop Mounted

The Desktop Heavy Duty Handset has been developed for secure fitting to a flat surface. The simple design coupled with high-grade impact-resistant plastic produces an extremely modern yet rugged handset. Ideal for busy visitor attractions and public spaces.

Desktop Heavy Duty Handset Angled Bracket in use

Angled Mount

Alternatively, we also offer a thin and sturdy angled mount made from stainless steel, offering a purposeful flair to suit your presentational needs.

No Loose Cables

With a simple yet effective weighted cable retraction system, you can avoid trip hazards and untidy wiring.

Great Sound

It boasts a superb quality speaker, offering great dynamic range – able to reproduce music of high clarity and narrative text clearly for the listener.

Play Options

The Desktop Heavy Duty Handset comes in two play options.

Standard – Works like any other handset, simply connect to your audio playback device and listen to the audio.

AutoPlay – When coupled with a compatible device (such as our SoundClip range of audio players) audio can be triggered when lifted from the mount, and then stopped when replaced.


Hearing Loop Heavy Duty Handset Black Label Hand Model

Hearing Loop Version

We offer a Hearing Loop version of the Heavy Duty Handset which provides the same high quality audio as the standard HDH but with included T-Coil technology, making it compatible with hearing aids. This version comes with a branding label as standard, depicting the universal T-Coil symbol. 

Select this option during checkout and somebody will be in touch to discuss your label requirements after purchase.  


No Need For Replacement Parts

Constructed from high-grade, impact-resistant plastics, there’s no need for replacement parts such as new gauzes or ear pads. Our new moulded PVC cable sleeves also provides great protection while being rust-proof and maintaining flexibility. 

Simple Operation

The Desktop Heavy Duty Handset is mounted onto a flat surface with the armoured cable threaded through. The cable is then anchored with a custom bracket underneath whilst a weight automatically retracts the cable when not in use.

The 3.5mm audio jack is then connected to your chosen playback device.

Armoured Cable – 3.5mm Jack

Under the moulded PVC, an 8mm thick, 1.35m long, stainless steel armoured conduit protects the internal audio cable. A 3.5mm audio jack allows for simple connection to your audio source. A robust strain relief connecting the cable to the handset offers further protection against cable fracture giving your handset the maximum durability.

Hearing Loop Heavy Duty attached to hanger PVC Cable

Custom Branding Labels

If using a standard HDH you may want to add a logo, instructions or just some colour to your Heavy Duty Handset. You can thanks to the optional Customised Branding Labels. Choose this option at checkout, simply send us your artwork or logo and we’ll supply your handset(s) with a label attached plus spares.

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions180 × 160 × 80 mm
Nominal Impedance


Frequency Range

50Hz – 20KHz

Sound Pressure Level

123 dB

Input Power (W)

Rated: 30mW – Max: 50mW

Input Power (V)

Rated: 1.7V – Max: 2.25V

Armoured Cable Length


3.5mm Cable Length (from Knuckle)

650mm (+/- 10mm)

Operating Temperature

-25°C to 60°C

Hearing Aid Compatible




Desktop Heavy Duty Handset Spec Sheet / Installation Guide

0.5MB – Feb 2019

Heavy Duty Handset Manual

1MB – September 2018

Autoplay Setup Guide

0.1MB – October 2022

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