Heavy Duty Handset – Hearing Loop

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The Hearing Loop version of our Heavy Duty Handset offers the same high quality audio as the standard HDH, but the included T-Coil technology makes it compatible with hearing aids. Ideal for use within the public domain, it’s available as a standard handset or with AutoPlay functionality.


Hearing Aid Compatible HDH

In 2010, the UK introduced the Equality Act, as part of this act businesses and other organisations are required to provide hearing loop systems for their service users.

The Heavy Duty Handset HL allows just that, offering all of the benefits of the standard HDH but with an included T-coil system and Nominal Impedance of 16 ohms, allowing compatibility with hearing aids.

Hearing Loop Heavy Duty Handset Black Label Hand Model

Standard or AutoPlay Version

We offer two versions of the Heavy Duty Handset Hearing Loop, ‘Standard’ or ‘Autoplay’. Standard operates like any other handset – place it to your ear and listen to the audio file that is playing.

The AutoPlay version incorporates an Auto-Trigger function, this activates the audio content to play when the handset is removed from it’s magnetic hanger. Requires compatible device such as our SoundClip Players.

Compatible Devices

The Heavy Duty Handset Hearing Loop is compatible with our range of SoundClip players. If you wish to use other devices, audio outputs labelled as ‘Line out’ won’t necessarily be suitable and you will likely require an additional Headphone Amplifier.

SoundClip 2 (2)

Heavy duty handset side view (Cable Comparison Version)

No Need For Replacement Parts

Constructed from high-grade, impact-resistant plastics, there’s no need for replacement parts such as new gauzes or ear pads. Our new moulded PVC cable sleeves also provides great protection while being rust-proof and maintaining flexibility. 

Magnetic Hanger

The magnetic hanger offers an elegant and simple-to-use storage solution. We have optimised the magnetic pull force so that it is easy to remove with minimum effort, and equally straightforward to replace. This makes The Heavy Duty Handset ideal for children or adults.

Hearing Loop Heavy Duty Handset PVC Moulded Cable

Armoured Cable – 3.5mm Jack

Under the moulded PVC, an 8mm thick, 1.35m long, stainless steel armoured conduit protects the internal audio cable. A 3.5mm audio jack allows for simple connection to your audio source. A robust strain relief connecting the cable to the handset offers further protection against cable fracture giving your handset the maximum durability.

90° Swivel Knuckle and Mounting Plate 

The supplied 90° Swivel Knuckle and Mounting Plate is used to fix the handset in place. This offers a strengthened rotating anchor point which prevents cable fracture. The Mounting Plate is not supplied with fixing screws.

Heavy Duty Handset Hearing Loop Branding Labels

Branding Label & T-Coil Symbol 

You will need to include this universal symbol indicating t-coil accommodations on your device. We offer 3 colour combinations as standard.

You can also include custom full colour graphics should you wish to provide us your designs, or a design service is available for a fee upon request.

Easy Fitting

With the 90° Swivel Knuckle and Mounting Plate, the Heavy Duty Handset is designed to be mounted through any surface. The knuckle can be fitted through any panel or casing. The 3.5mm audio jack has 650mm of cable (from knuckle to tip) which can then be connected to your chosen playback device.

Colour Options

The Heavy Duty Handset has a number of options. It can be purchased with Silver or Black styling (applies to the grill, armoured cable, knuckle and mounting plate).

Teardrop Faceplate Option

The HDH is very easy to fit on site and particularly well suited to high usage environments.

Using the 90° swivel knuckle you fit the armoured cable through a panel, providing strength to this area with the included mounting plate.

Alternatively for an additional cost you can use an optional Teardrop Faceplate instead which combines the Magnetic Hanger and 90° Knuckle into a single tidy installation point (note the mounting plate is no longer required with this option and so is not supplied).

The Teardrop mounting plate is available in Silver & Black (sent out depending on the colour of your HDH).


Hearing Loop Heavy Duty Handset White Label Teardrop Black
Hearing Loop Heavy Duty Handset White Label Teardrop Silver

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions180 × 80 × 160 mm

AutoPlay Version, Standard Version


Black, Silver

Armoured Cable Length


Nominal Impedance


Frequency Range


Sound Pressure Level


Input Power (W)

Rated: 30Mw – Max: 50mW

Input Power (V)

Rated: 1.7V – Max: 2.25V

T-Coil Range


Trigger Cable Length

300mm (AutoPlay version only)

3.5mm Cable Length

650mm (+/- 10mm) From Knuckle

Screw Sizes

Wood Screws (Driver bit No.2, 30mm) – Machine Screws (Imperial M4, 30mm)

Switching Signal (AutoPlay)

Handset on base: Contact closed / Handset off: Contact open

Switching Capacity


Operating Temperature

-25°C to 60°C

Hearing Aid Compatible



1 x Heavy Duty Handset, 1 x Magnetic Hanger, 1 x Knuckle Mounting Plate, 2 x Wood Screws 7 2 x Machine Screws (for fitting Hanger)



Heavy Duty Handset Hearing Loop Manual

0.7MB – July 2022 V1.0

HDH HL Spec Sheet – AutoPlay

0.2MB – July 2022

HDH HL Spec Sheet – Standard

0.2MB – July 2022

Autoplay Setup Guide

0.1MB – October 2022


Artwork Template

0.06MB – March 2024

Heavy Duty Handset Line Drawing

0.01MB – April 2019

Teardrop Line Drawing

0.07MB – April 2019

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