Recoiler – Vertical Cable Out

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The compact recoiling mechanism allows for the smooth retraction of armoured headphone cables when not in use.


Easy Cable Retraction

The Recoiler is a simple yet robust mechanism that smoothly retracts your headphone cable when not in use. It combines with our range of headphone/handset options to create a cable free and tidy installation. 

Easy to Install

The unit is supplied pre-wound for easy installation. Once fitted cut off the cable tie and your Recoiler will be ready to use. Simply follow our instructional video for a step-to-step installation guide.

Play Options

The Desktop Heavy Duty Handset comes in two play options.

Standard – Works like any other handset, simply connect to your audio playback device and listen to the audio.

AutoPlay – When coupled with a compatible device (such as our SoundClip range of audio players) audio can be triggered when lifted from the mount, and then stopped when replaced.


Heavy Duty Handset with Magnetic Hanger AutoPlay

Headphone Recoiler with Heavy Duty Handset Angled Mount

Angled Desktop Mount

A stainless steel angled mount, used alongside our Heavy Duty Handset standard or autoplay.

Desktop Mounted

Use alongside our Desktop Heavy Duty Handset standard or autoplay.

Wall Mounted

Use alongside our;

  • AutoPlay Heavy Duty Handset
  • AutoPlay Double Cup Headphone
  • AutoPlay Single Cup Headphone

Supplied with a cable guide to further protect the cable (fitted in the surface).

Hearing Loop Version

We offer a Hearing Loop version of the Heavy Duty Handset which provides the same high quality audio as the standard HDH but with included T-Coil technology, making it compatible with hearing aids. This version comes with a branding label as standard, depicting the universal T-Coil symbol.

Select this option during checkout and somebody will be in touch to discuss your label requirements after purchase.


Hearing Loop Heavy Duty Handset Black Label Hand Model

Recoiler with Heavy Duty Handset in The Hold

Adjustable Cable Length

Easily determine how much excess cable is available for users with the supplied Cable Lock Clamp. You can use up to 1200mm of armoured cable.

Cable Recoil Direction

The unit can be used to recoil in either a left or right direction (refers to the cable position) – which direction you require will depend on the installation space available. 

SoundClip 12 Angled

SoundClip/VideoClip Configuration

Use the unit alongside our range of audio & video players. Simply fit your player to either side of the Recoiler & connect the 3.5mm jack to the player.


Custom Branding Labels

If using a standard HDH you may want to add a logo, instructions or just some colour to your Heavy Duty Handset. You can thanks to the optional Customised Branding Labels. Choose this option at checkout, simply send us your artwork or logo and we’ll supply your handset(s) with a label attached plus spares.

Custom Branding Labels

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions40 × 240 × 240 mm
Hole Cut Out Size

Angled Mount: Ø32mm
Desktop: Ø25mm
Wall Mounted: Ø32mm

Pulling Force



Black, Silver Conduit

Armoured Cable Length

1350mm – Full Cable
1200mm – Available Cable after Cable Clamping

3.5mm Cable Length

500mm (+/- 10mm)



Recoiler – Vertical Cable Out Manual

1.3MB – March 2022 V1.0

Autoplay Setup Guide (Not applicable to MKII Headphones)

0.1MB – October 2022

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