Replacement USB Programmer

£25.00 excl. vat

Allows the update of content on compatible devices. This is the next generation Universal Programmer and is compatible with devices bought from June 2013 onwards.


USB Programmer and USB

USB Programmer

We supply a USB programmer with all our compatible outdoor devices, however we also offer a programmer should you require a replacement.

Used on our Outdoor Installations

Used for our range of U-Turn Round products, Solar Audio Posts and Audio Sign Turn’s, the USB Programmer interfaces with the device and couple with a USB Flash Stick allows the updating of audio content.

Replacement USB Programmer for U-Turn and Audio Post

USB Input in the USB Programmer

Compatible With

  • U-Turn Round
  • U-Turn Through Panel
  • Solar Audio Post
  • Audio Sign Turn

Perfect for Multiple Installations

The Programmer is perfect for clients who have multiple installations of our outdoor products and wish to change their own content periodically, perhaps seasonally for example. For instructions on how to update the audio content on your device please see the manual for each individual audio point.

USB Programmer with 4 Pins

Additional information

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions113 × 20 × 24 mm
Works With

U-Turn Round, Solar Audio Post, U-Turn Through Panel, Audio Sign Turn

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