Solar Audio Post – Metal


The Solar Audio Post is an external audio point activated by buttons and powered completely by Solar energy. Includes a USB Programming Dongle for easy upload of content.

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Solar Audio Post – Metal

Activated by two buttons the solar powered Audio Post is a completely self-powered outdoor audio point, capable of playing up to 6 audio messages (programmable via the supplied USB Programming Dongle). 

Metal Finish

The Solar Audio Post – Metal is constructed from incredibly durable powder coated stainless steel.

Powered by The Sun

Built into each side of the metal Solar Post are 4 solar panels, providing optimal exposure to sunlight throughout the day. 

Front Plate Customisation

For an additional fee we provide laser etching to the front plate. This can be used to provide a list of content on each button, instructions or even logos.

Top Plate Customisation

There’s also the option for a customised top plate. This can be laser etched metal as the front plate, or for a full colour graphic in reverse printed Polycarbonate

Easily Programmable

Quickly load .MP3 content onto the Solar Audio Post using the supplied USB Programming Dongle.

Purchase Options

The Solar Audio Post can be installed in 2 ways, bolted to the floor via a plinth mount or installed in-ground via the in-ground mount.

Additional information

Weight 13.1 kg
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 1066 mm
Weight (In Ground Mount)


Dimensions (In Ground Mount)

155 (D) x 158 (W) x 1466 (H)


4 built in Solar Panels charging long life batteries at up to 200mA per hour (+/- 10%)


RAL – 9005 Black Ripple

Message Storage

16MB Flash Memory (on board)

Maximum No. of Messages

6 (3 on each button)

Message Encoding Format


Maximum Total Message Length

>16 minutes @ 64kbs

Programming Transfer Rate

Approx. 20 Seconds per MB of message

Audio Output

1W into 8Ω Speaker

Frequency Range

75Hz – 20KHz



Solar Audio Post Manual

0.5MB – March 2019

Solar Audio Post – Metal Spec Sheet

0.3MB – March 2019


Solar Audio Post Artwork Template

0.1MB – July 2019

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