DS Directional Speaker

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Directional Speaker with Built In Amplifier and Adjustable Bracket.



Reduces Noise Pollution

The DS Directional Speaker is a speaker that can have many uses within the museum and heritage sector. Designed so that sound is directed to a specific location, it is ideal for helping to dramatically reduce noise pollution in a chosen space.

DS Directional Speaker

DS Directional Speaker Side Angle

Precise Sound

Thanks to the ultrasonic power emitter and unique signal amplifier, the speakers deliver sound precisely targeted at the specified listeners, while having no effect on others. Many different public applications can benefit from the use of a directional speaker, including museums, heritage sites, audio tours, welcome points, kiosks and video shows.

What does it come with?

  • Speaker
  • Amplifier
  • Power Adapter
  • 3.5mm Audio Cable
  • Adjustable Bracket
DS Directional Speaker what you get

DS Directional Speaker with Analog Audio

Key Features

  • Delivers sound into a specific zone with zero disruption to others
  • Helps reduce noise pollution
  • Suited for various applications
  • Easy to install

Note: The Directional Speaker is best used for spoken word applications, due to the manner in which it works there is zero bass. Consider how this will effect the quality of your audio before purchase.

Additional information

Weight0.85 kg
Dimensions292 × 163 × 23 mm


Input Impedance



83dB@2m, 1KHz

Input Connectors

Analog audio with TRS 3.5mm interface

Power Option

19W, 21W

Power Input


Working Temperature



0~95%, non-condensing



DS Directional Speaker Instruction Manual

0.9MB – October 2017


DS Directional Speaker Specification Sheet

0.1MB – May 2018

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