HA-4 Headphone Amplifier Channels

40mW HA-4 Headphone Amplifier


4-channel stereo headphone amplifier.


HA-4 Headphone Amplifier Inputs

Output to 4 Headphones

The HA-4 Headphone Amplifier can output to up to four stereo headphones for high quality audio. Each output has individual volume adjustment making this amplifier incredibly versatile. The HA-4 Headphone Amplifier gives outstanding audio performance and can be used with many of our audio and video products. A DC 12 V adapter is included to power the device so the audio is the highest quality possible, even at maximum volume with four devices connected.


This amplifier is ideal for use within museums & heritage sites, where multiple headphones are needed alongside varying volume levels. The exceptionally rugged construction ensures that this amp is long lasting and incredibly durable.

HA-4 Headphone Amplifier Channel Side View

HA-4 Headphone Amplifier Channel Birdseye View


  • Ultra-compact housing with fixing wings for easy install
  • Output for up to four headphones
  • Highest audio quality even at maximum volume
  • Can be used with many of our products
  • High quality components ensure long life & durability

Additional information

Weight 0.44 kg
Dimensions 64 × 132 × 190 mm
Input Connection

1/4 Inch Audio Jack

Input Impedence

100 kΩ

Power Supply


Maximum Input Level

15 dBu

Volume Control

4 Volume Control Per Channel

Output Connection

1/4" Jack

Output Impedence

80 Ω

Maximum Output Level

40 mW in 100Ω

LED Indicator




HA-4 Spec Sheet

1.7MB – May 2018

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