Spot lights designed for commercial use in conjunction with the SoundClip range of audio players and their inbuilt lighting controller(s).

Colour: White

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What is it?

Designed for commercial use these spot lights are often used in galleries and museums to focus the attention of visitors on particular items whilst offering an improved aesthetic. When used in conjunction with our range of solid state audio players which include a single lighting controller as standard (SC2 – SC16) or 8 x lighting controller (SC-8L) they can be programmed to activate in conjunction with audio at the press of a button.


These spot lights have been used alongside SoundClips in various applications, for example an audio exhibit discussing various pictures on display, when a button is pressed regarding a certain picture, the spot light illuminates said picture as the audio plays.

Another example of the spot light as used alongside a SoundClip-2 is an exhibit accompanied by staged mannequins, when button 1 is pressed audio is played from the perspective of mannequin 1, which is also illuminated via spot light, when button 2 is pressed audio is played from the perspective of mannequin 2 which is in turn illuminated.

What you get

Each spotlight is shipped with a 3.7w high power white LED lamp and IP67 rated die-cast metal body. For other colour options please contact us to discuss your requirements.

It is easily fixed to walls, floors or ceilings or can be built into custom housing and has a 90Ā° adjustable tilt facility.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 97 × 97 × 100 mm

Die-cast metal body – IP67 rated – 90 degree adjustable tilt facility

LED Lamp

3.7w standard high power MR16 LED Lamp – Energy saving


Casing: Silver – Lamp: Daylight White


Not supplied (connects directly to SoundClip terminal)

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