Engage visitors with a multiple choice touchscreen quiz – offer up to 100 randomly generated questions with customised branding.

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What Is TouchQuiz?

TouchQuiz is a touch controlled interactive which displays a quiz to visitors in an attractive and intuitive interface. Allowing museums to present visitors with a quiz regarding their chosen topic(s) in order to supplement exhibits and engage visitors, particularly children who are more likely to retain facts as presented in such a manner. A custom logo and background along with completely unique questions allows us/you to tailor each TouchQuiz interactive for its intended installation site, whilst the use of a pre-created template platform allows us to avoid the costs of fully bespoke software.

Up to 100 questions can be programmed into a TouchQuiz, with the amount of these presented at random during each quiz set between 1-100, this means the quiz will be different for each user.

Key features

  • Pool of up to 100 questions, with a set amount of these questions randomly presented during each quiz
  • Each question can have up to 4 multiple choice options
  • Optional image or video to accompany each question
  • Set ‘congratulations’ text depending upon percentage of questions answered correctly
  • Customisable Logo
  • Customisable background
  • Touchscreen compatible

How it’s created

TouchQuiz is one of a series of interactive software solutions we’ve created using a specially developed template software platform. Using this platform we are able to create tailored interactive templates for various applications at a percentage of the fee of a fully bespoke option.

There are two options when creating an Interactive using the TouchQuiz template;

Option 1 – We Create
You supply us with your questions/answers, images, logo and background image, we then take this content and create your TouchQuiz interactive. Of course we can also work with you to develop content if needed at a fee depending upon your requirements.

Once your interactive is complete we can pre-upload it to hardware for you, or send it as an installation file for you to install on existing hardware. However remember you will be unable to alter the interactive once it’s complete.

Option 2 – You Create (Editor Required)
When purchased alongside Editor you are able to create, edit and manage your own TouchQuiz Interactive – changing the content within as and when required.

How To Proceed

If you want us to compile the interactive for you and have your content ready then simply select option 1, purchase TouchQuiz and a member of staff will be in touch to discuss your project.

If purchased alongside Editor (note only a single copy of editor is required for multiple Interactive templates) then simply select option 2 and we will send the required installation files and manuals so you can get started creating your own interactive!

If you wish us to work with you to create your content for use in the TouchQuiz framework then simply contact us now to discuss your requirements further at or on 44 (0)1639 874 100.

Additional information

Max no. Questions

100 (from this pool of questions a pre-set amount will randomly be presented during each session)

Recommended Specs

i3 processor @1,8GHz, 4GB DDR3, 20GB free HDD space, Onboard Intel HD4000

OS Compatibility

Windows 7 64bit

Screen resolution


Image/Video Filetype

Jpeg, PNG, MOV, MP4, AVI

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