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Create a fun, educational and interactive Pairs game with this Lightbox 3 application.



Get your visitors thinking with Memory. Engage visitors in a fun and interactive manner, improving upon the perhaps otherwise linear experience of standard interpretation.

Memory takes a number of images and turns them into a fun find-a-pair game. There’s also the option to trigger additional information upon the successful matching of a pair, as well as at the end of a game. Allowing Memory to be a fun learning experience.

Key Features

  • Choose how many pairs to be matched
  • Set multiple levels
  • Fully customisable
  • Use your own images
  • Optional additional information when pair is found
  • End game info
  • No programming ability required
  • Multi-lingual support

Memory Game

Memory game some solved harder

Memory game harder

Memory game successful pair

Memory game space

Memory game space harder

Memory game space end screen

Memory game home screen

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