The SoundClip-Battery player is designed for installations where a permanent mains supply is not available. It is rechargeable battery powered and can be installed with speakers or headphones and triggered using a variety of buttons and sensors.


Battery Powered Solid State Audio

The SC-B is a battery powered option in our flexible range of compact, stand-alone, high quality stereo audio players. It can be used to present audio through headphones via two 3.5mm audio jacks or 2 speakers via wired terminal.

Rechargeable Batteries

The SC-B is easily recharged via the supplied charging cable and in-built 4xAA batteries. After the SC-B is fully charged, the unit can play continuous audio for around 48 hours (varies depending on content and output type).

Key Features

  • 2 x 1W into 4/8ohm Speakers (Stereo)
  • Easy to programme via MicroSD card
  • Supports 4 button / other triggering devices
  • PIR & LED Compatible
  • Multiple different Play Modes to choose from
  • Delay timer between content activation

Easily Programmed with multiple Play Modes

The SC-B is easily programmed via a simple config file and naming of audio files.

.mp3 files are stored on a MicroSD card (included) which is then inserted into the SC-B. The SC-B can be programmed to play up to 99 files in a number of ways;

  • Looping play all
  • Play all once upon button or PIR activation
  • Next / Previous mode via 2 buttons
  • 1 file activated on each buttons

Activated via buttons or PIR

The SC-B can be activated via buttons or PIR (not included) and can be set to interruptible or non-interruptible mode (once a message begins playing it can or cannot be interrupted via another activation). It’s important to note that the SC-B does not support our Illuminated Buttons.

Output Options

  • Up to two handsets / headsets
  • Up to two speakers
  • Lighting 5v (+/-10%) GPIO – as standard lights will activate when content plays, and deactivate when content stops

Fitting Options

The device is incredibly easy to install due to its compact size and low weight. The efficient nature of the SC-B design and its two fixing wings means it can be installed securely into any suitable space.

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 110 × 155 × 28 mm
Message storage medium

MicroSD Card

Maximum number of audio files

99 Files

Number of buttons

Triggered by up to 4 Buttons

Message encoding format


Speaker audio output

2 x 1W into 4/8ohm Speakers (Stereo)

Headphone audio output

2 x 3.5mm audio jack (headphones/handsets)

Speaker connector

2 x Screw terminals

5V Out

Power accessories such as low poer LED's or PIR Sensors

Power supply

External PSU 6V



SoundClip Battery Manual

0.6MB – December 2018


SoundClip Battery Spec Sheet

0.3MB – December 2018

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