AT-100 Tour Guide Single Wand

Single AT-100 Audio Tour Guide


Single AT-100 Audio Tour, sold to compliment the AT-100 package. Induction Neck Loop and Charging Station sold separately.


The AT-100 Audio Tour Guide is an easy to operate, robust, no frills tour guide solution that will provide personal, interactive audio interpretation for visitors to museums, heritage and attraction sites.

We sell single AT-100 Audio Tour Guides alongside our AT-100 Package for those requiring replacements or wishing to expand their current Tour, we also sell additional Charging / software stations.

Additional information

Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 28 × 59 × 235 mm
Maximum Recording Time (1GB)

1,024 minutes Stereo, or 2,048 minutes Mono @ 44.1 kHz sampling, 128 kbps bit-rate.

Storage Medium

SD Memory Stick

Optional SD Memory Stick

1 GB / 2 GB


2 x AA 1.2v (NiMH, 1600 mAh) rechargeable / 2 x AA 1.5v alkaline

Battery Life

10 hours (rechargeable) / 16 hours (alkaline)



AT-100 Audio Tour Guide Manual

0.6MB – May 2018


AT-100 Audio Tour Guide Info Sheet

0.07MB – May 2018

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