Illuminated 7 Message AutoPlay Audio Point

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7 button quick start audio point package, includes AutoPlay SingleCup handset, SoundClip-8L and 7 Illuminated push buttons.

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Illuminated 7 Message Audio Point

This bundle allows you to create an audio point which is activated upon pick-up of the Single Cup Handset. The addition of illuminated buttons allows users to select up 7 additional tracks.

AutoPlay Functionality

The Bundle comes with either an AutoPlay Heavy Duty Handset or Single Cup Headphone upon your selection.

The AutoPlay functionality incorporates an Auto-Trigger function, this activates the audio content to play when the handset/headphone is removed from it’s magnetic hanger.

What’s Included?

1 x Handset

Choose between our new Heavy Duty Handset or the Single Cup Headphone. Both offering excellent high quality audio for use within busy public domains.

1 x SoundClip-8L

SoundClip-8L, our solid-state audio point allowing up to 7 illuminated button activations (+ 1 trigger reserved for Auto-Play functionality)

7 x Push Button

Illuminated Push Buttons for additional activation options after pickup of the handset (1 trigger input for the SC-8L is reserved for the auto-play functionality in this setup).

Optional Mounting Plate

For increased strength at the cable connection point an optional knuckle plate or tear drop is available.

Choose between the Heavy Duty Handset (Silver / Black)…

The Heavy Duty Handset is our most robost and flexible handset yet, combining both a simple design with high-grade, impact resistant plastic. The Heavy Duty Handset is available in Silver or Black styling which applies to the grill, armoured cable, knuckle and mounting plate.

…Or the Single Cup Headphone

Our Single Cup Headphones are a perfect, lightweight alternative to traditional aluminium and plastic handsets. Both durable and vandal resistant, the headphone is further protected by a larger 1.2m steel braided cable.

Hearing Loop Version

We offer a Hearing Loop version of the Heavy Duty Handset which provides the same high quality audio as the standard HDH but with included T-Coil technology, making it compatible with hearing aids. This version comes with a branding label as standard, depicting the universal T-Coil symbol.

Select this option during checkout and somebody will be in touch to discuss your label requirements after purchase.


Hearing Loop Heavy Duty Handset Black Label Hand Model

How it works

It’s simple really, users lift the handset from its magnetic holder and audio will begin to play. Audio stops when the handset is replaced, or to select a different track (up to 7) simply press the corresponding illuminated button.

The SoundClip-8L is easily programmed with content stored on an Micro SD card. The buttons can be programmed to light up depending on which track is currently playing.

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions200 × 200 × 200 mm



SC-2 User Manual

0.4MB – September 2017

AutoPlay Single Cup Manual

0.5MB – November 2018

Heavy Duty Handset Manual

1MB – September 2018

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