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‘Editor’ – Software Editing Tool


Editor is used to create/edit software interactives from our specific interactive templates. A single copy of Editor can support multiple templates.


Editor is used to create or edit existing interactives from our range of software templates. Compatible Interactives include;

Note: Lightbox 3 utilises a different editor which is sold inclusive of the Lightbox 3 cost

The above list of interactives are designed as ‘off-the-shelf’ options and can be purchased ‘pre-compiled’ by us (we take your content and create the interactive for you), in this instance you do not require a copy of Editor however will be unable to edit your existing interactive in future.

With Editor you can alter or create as many new interatives as required (note a license is required for each interactive you display at any one time). For example you can purchase a copy of ‘PageTurn’ alongside a copy of ‘Editor’ and subsequently have the ability to add/remove books in future and alter the branding (logo/background) or layout options.

If you then purchase a different software package such as ‘TouchPuzzle’ you can use your existing copy of ‘Editor’ for the new software package as well as the original.

How it works

Those interactives listed operate on a template basis, editor lets you open these templates and edit the information within, this includes the multi-media content displayed (PDF’s, video, images, descriptions) as well as branding options such as logos and backgrounds. Once an interactive has been created you then upload this to a ‘Viewer’ manager (included with the template) for display to visitors.

With Editor you can take charge of your own interactives, change content when required and create completely new interactives dependent upon your needs, all from a user friendly platform. No developmentĀ skills are required to utilise Editor and create unique interactives from your content.



Editor Manual

3.3MB – May 2018

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