22″ Free-standing AV Point – Traditional


22″ Free-standing AV point – ideal for presenting Video and Audio (with accompanying imagery).



For Audio or Video Displays

Designed for use as a HD Video and/or Audio display, the Traditional Free-Standing AV Point is the ideal way to share your chosen media with visitors. The Traditional Free-Standing AV Point not only looks great, but is incredibly rugged.

HD 22″ Display – Video

Take full advantage of the High Definition 22″ display no matter your media type.

Use the looping holding screen to display the button selection, if you have video to share then do so in the full high definition and clarity.

HD 22″ Display – Audio

If you want to share audio then you can do this and the screen will display a default equaliser effect – or we recommend you simply turn your audio into a video track with a single image or even slideshow embedded to take further advantage of the screen.


Using the easily updated looping screen to display the button selection allows you to use the unit again and again with different subject matter.

10 Messages

The unit can support 10 clips (1 per button) with a dedicated volume up and down. If you’d like a different button configuration please contact us.

Easily Updatable

All content is updated via a USB which is accessed by a lockable panel at the rear. Changing between content is quick and easy.

Custom Branding Labels

Want to add a logo, instructions or just some colour to your Heavy Duty Handset? Well you can thanks to the optional Customised Branding Labels. Choose this option at checkout, simply send us your artwork or logo and we’ll supply your handset(s) with a label attached plus spares.

Heavy Duty Handsets or Speakers

You have the choice of Handsets or Speakers. Our Heavy Duty Handsets are tidily stored away via their unique magnetic hangers when not in use and are recommended should you wish to keep audio bleed to a minimum.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 400 × 570 × 1085 mm


Message Storage Medium


Message Encoding Format

.MP3, .MP4 or .JPG

Power Supply

External 12V 2A

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