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SoundClip-16, 16 button, Looping or PIR


SoundClip-16, the 16 button solid-state stereo audio playback device. Can play 16 tracks button activated or up to 99 in looping and next / previous mode.

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Product Description

What is it?

The SoundClip-16 is from our range of compact, stand-alone, high quality stereo audio players. It can be used to present audio through headphones via two 3.5mm audio jacks or 2 speakers via wired terminal. It can play in 16 Button activation, looping or PIR activation mode and supports up to 99 tracks.

Key Features

  • Inbuilt 3w dual channel Amp
  • Supports 16 button inputs (not including volume controls)
  • Easy to programme via MicroSD card and dip switches
  • PIR compatible
  • Piezo one piece button compatible
  • Button activated or Looping
  • Dedicated volume button input
  • Delay timer between content activation

How Does it Work?

.mp3 or .wav files are stored on a MicroSD card (included) which is then inserted into the SC-16.

The SC-16 can be programmed to play up to 99 files in a number of ways;

  • Looping play all
  • Play all once, upon button or PIR activation
  • Next / Previous mode via 2 buttons
  • 1 file activated on each buttons (16 files)

The SC-16 can be activated via buttons or PIR (not included) and can be set to interruptible or non-interruptible mode (once a message begins playing it can or cannot be interrupted via another activation). There is also a single light output that’s activated (on) when a track plays, and deactivated (off) when no tracks are playing as standard.

The Output Options (Headsets, speakers and lighting not included)

  • Up to two handsets / headsets
  • Up to two speakers
  • Lighting – as standard lights will activate when content plays, and deactivate when content stops (programmable 8 lighting controller add-on available)

How is it Fitted?

The device is incredibly easy to install due to its compact size and low weight. The efficient nature of the SC-16’s design and its two fixing wings means it can be installed securely into any suitable space.

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 110 x 155 x 28 mm
Message storage medium

MicroSD Card

Maximum number of audio files

The SC-16 can play a maximum of 99 files

Message encoding format

.mp3 or .wav

Speaker audio output

2 x 3w 4/8ohm Speakers (stereo)

Speaker connector

2 x screw terminals

12v Out

Power PIR or other 12v accessories

Power Supply

External power supply 12v


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