Audio Frame 15, button activated audio point ideal for museums and retail use.
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Audio Frame 15


Audio Frame 15, our 15 button customisable audio point – Complete with 1 handset (additional handset available at extra cost)


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What is Audio Frame 15?

Audio Frame 15 is a compact and durable listening point system for customizable audio content. With 15 buttons, Audio Frame 15 is capable of playing up to 150 messages, ten messages per button. You can easily upload your own content and change the front display (button artwork) to match. We also have a video equivalent called the VideoFrame 12.

How Does Audio Frame 15 Work?

Simply press a button to hear audio content.

Button Arrangement:
Buttons can be configured to play from one to ten messages depending on your needs and programming. This means the Audio Frame 15 is able to store and play up to 150 tracks. The device also comes with volume controls. The flexibility of the system means that any combination of access buttons from 1-15 with between 1 and 10 tracks per button is available. It just depends on how much content you have and how you design your artwork.

You can be as creative as you wish with your artwork and this Artwork Template provides you with a canvas which you can use to design your unique menu card. View the gallery below for some examples of previous artwork designs or for more ideas view the AF15 and VF12 button artwork gallery here (scroll down).

You have two options when it comes to your Artwork design, either you can create it yourself and then send it to us at, or we can design it for you. If you choose ‘we design (blackboxav)’ then a member of our sales staff will contact you upon receipt of your order to discuss your design requirements.

Audio Files:
Audio Frame 15 reads .wav files from an SD card housed in a covered slot on the base of the unit. It’s both secure and easy to change.
For more information on how to programme the unit, please consult the Audio Frame 15 manual.

Output Options:
Audio can be output to the following:
One or two Armoured Cable Headphones
One or two Audio Handsets or Single Cup Headphones
One or two stereo speakers.


Wooden Border: Let your AudioFrame 15 make a bigger impression with a personalised wooden frame surround. Just send us your chosen wording and the font required and we’ll have the frame engraved with your design.

Kiosk: AudioFrame 15 is also available as a standalone kiosk. With a weighted base to ensure is can’t be easily toppled, the AudioFrame kiosk provides the perfect listening point. Made from powder coated mild steel.

Desktop: Need a portable AudioFrame 15 for use on desktops? We’ve built just the product for you. With a professional cabinet finish, the desktop version offers all the benefits of the popular AudioFrame in a portable desktop cabinet that can be moved as often as required and reprogrammed with new content and new menu almost as quickly.

All versions come with 1 plastic handset. An additional handset can be added at extra cost.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 45 x 350 x 215 mm
Weight (unboxed)

Standard: 1.6kg, Wooden Surround: 5.6kg, Desktop: 8.1kg, Kiosk: 26.6kg

Message storage medium

1 * SD Flash Card

Maximum SD Card capacity

4 Gbytes SD not HDSD

Maximum number of messages


Message encoding format

Windows PCM (*.wav)

Message sampling rate/type

44.1 KHz / 128kbs 16 bit mono or 22.05 KHz/352 16 bit mono

Message Output

2 Channel Output Playback sample rate/type 44.1 KHz/16 bit mono Audio output 2W into 8ohm speaker

Button Input

15 programmable buttons with audio content 2 volume buttons with volume up/down and track selection


12V 1Amp regulated power

Downloads / FAQ

Audio Frame 15 - FAQ

  1. Does the Audio Frame 15 come with a guarantee
  2. Can you make me a custom front frame?
  3. How does the button selection work?
  4. What is the length of the power cable?
  5. What is the power consumption of the audio frame 15?

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